Best Feature Film

"Kelin" (The Bride), Kazakhstan

Directed by Ermek Tursunov


Best Director

"She, A Chinese", UK, China, France

Directed by Xiaolu Guo


Honorable Mention Feature Film

"Bibinur", Russia, Tatarstan

Directed by Yury Feting


Best Screenplay

"The 40th door", Azerbaijan

Directed by Elchin Musaoglu


Best Actress

"Bibinur", Russia, Tatarstan

Firdaus Akhtyamova


Best Actor

"The Water", Uzbekistan

Erkin Kamilov


Best Cinematographer

"Kelin" (The Bride), Kazakhstan

Murat Aliev


Best Music

"Seker", Kazakhstan

Composer Artyk Toskanbaev



Eurasian Women In Cinema Award

“Kakosi”, Turkey

Ozlem Akovaligil


Best Documentary

"Tragac", Bosnia and Herzegovina,

Directed by Amela Cuhara


Best Short Film

"Sabeel", United Arab Emirates

Directed by Khalid Mahmood


Best Animation

"Great Expectations", Romania,

Directed by Alexei Gubenco


Best Short Documentary

"The Changing Tradition", Japan,US

Directed by Retsu Motoyoshi


Honorable Mention Short Film

"Adeem", Lebanon

Directed by Adel Serhan


Honorable Mention Comedy Short

“Tatliya her zaman yer vardir”, Turkey

Directed by Muge Bayraktar


Best Student Short Film

“M’ Eyebrows”, US & Uzbekistan

Directed by Dilber Shatursun

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