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NEW YORK EURASIAN FILM FESTIVAL intends to discover contemporary Eurasian cinema, to restore and to create a new cinematic culture in response to the rapid changes in media scene in the 21st century. NYEFF present: the international competition section to find potential cinema artist and discover new films to be classic in the future.

We are pleased to bring the Eurasian Film Festival to the heart of the world, New York City - the greatest cultural crossroad of the 21st Century.  Our emphasis is on the stunning artistic achievements taking place at the crossroads of Eurasia, where the culture and art of post-Soviet Central Europe and Central Asia, and of Turkey and the Balkan Republics, are informing and cross-fertilizing one another.  It is a story that needs to be told, and the presence in New York of vibrant immigrant communities from all these countries makes New York the ideal venue for this important event.


The New York Eurasian Film Festival is an organization devoted to promoting greater cultural interaction between the United States and Eurasian countries.


NEW YORK EURASIAN FILM FESTIVAL is the largest showcase of short, feature films and documentaries in New York from Eurasian continent. 

NEW YORK EURASIAN FILM FESTIVAL highlights a selection of the Festival's programs that strongly reflect, revive, newly interpret, or celebrate important cultural heritage.

Festival Founders & Directors: Hakki Subentekin, Yuliya Tikhonova

Jury President: Dr. Jacqueline Guzda

Pıcture Gallery

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